In my sessions, I always talk about how to build your skill set when you don’t have a budget for training. Well next week April 25-26 is one of those free opportunities I take advantage of each year. 24 hours of PASS, affectionately referred to as 24HOP, is an online training event comprised of 24 sessions in a day free training.

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One technical session is given every hour around the clock, so no matter what time zone you are in you can easily catch a session or two. It makes it easy to stream during work, during lunch or even just sit and watch it streamed to your home TV. It’s a free and easy way to learn something new.

This year’s lineup includes sessions on topics around Cross Platform SQL Server Management. 24HOP has sessions on SQL Server on Linux, Azure, and Docker to just name a few.  Of course I’ll be attending my fellow DCAC co-worker Joey’s Session. Joey is going to be talking about his recent dive into Kubernetes and what it means for the future of infrastructure. The abstract for his session is below. If that doesn’t sound like a good fit for you there are some other great topics including Linux deep dives from Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman who is doing two sessions.

Pods, Containers, and SQL Server–What You Need to Know

In the last decade there have been massive evolutions in infrastructure. Servers got virtual, then those VMs went to the cloud. Containers, and container orchestration using Kubernetes take those abstractions several steps further. In this session you will learn about: –The benefits of flexibility of containers –How containers work, and how they are different from virtual machines –How SQL Server works with containers –How to get started with containers in your test environment Join us for a demo filled session to learn about the future of infrastructure.

You can find the full schedule of topics here. See you online!


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