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Build a better foundation for data analytics

Modern data warehousing and data lake solutions to integrate, clean,
and store data for better business decisions.

Bringing your data together is complicated

The larger and more complex your business becomes, the more data you’ll have. And when data is coming from different sources, you need a way to collect, standardize and store your data—that’s true whether you just want regular cadence reporting or want to start predictive data experimentation. That’s where modern data warehousing comes in.

Business Value

Make better, data-informed decisions

Create clean and consistent data where you need it, when you need it.

Modern data warehousing is a blend of technologies that collect and manage your data from different sources within your business and creates a foundation for the strategic use of your data. But the process of creating a modern data warehouse is far from simple. You need experts well versed in untangling the varied, non-standardized sources of data so that you can reap the benefits without wasting time or internal resources.

Here's how we can help

Data Integration

We can assist with data profiling, data standardization, data acquisition, data transformation and integration

Architectural Design

We help you choose the service (or services) that best suit your needs to deliver data in a timely, reliable manner.

Reporting Solutions

A modern data warehouse should support paginated and interactive reporting so you can use the data it holds.

Cloud-based Warehouses

Let us help you move your data warehouse and data integration to the cloud, or build a new cloud data warehouse and data lake.


LCPtracker’s Reporting Warehouse

Are you looking to create analytics capabilities for large amounts of data and share it with your customers? DCAC can help you build an enterprise solution with Azure Synapse and Azure Analysis Services. Here’s what we did for one client.

Harmonize your data for better forecasting

When users can access critical data from a number of sources in a single place, they can create a fuller picture of your business today, and make better predictions for the future.