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You need data that propels you, not projects that slow you down

The promise of data that fuels all your business goals is a tempting one, but the reality is much more daunting. Undertaking a new data project takes valuable time and resources to execute, and that’s before you get bogged down by processes that keep breaking, or platforms that turn out to be ill-suited or simply too expensive.

Our team of experts offers comprehensive services that plan, prepare, and deploy Microsoft Data Platform solutions to help make your goals more achievable—without disrupting day-to-day operations.

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You’re looking for technology that tackles issues you’re facing today and enables you to do more in the future. DCAC can help. We plan and design data systems and Azure architecture for performance and scalability. Our services deliver business value because when your data ecosystems are simply treading water, you aren’t prepared for the next stage of growth.

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Our services & support include:

Get more from your databases

Does your daily database to-do list stop actual work from getting done? It doesn’t matter whether your environment is physical, virtual, or cloud-based, we have the expertise to help you with either monthly managed services or performance tuning projects. We start with SQL Server Health Check and work to find acute issues affecting your availability. Then together we build a plan to get you the speed and availability you need.

We also safeguard you for the future with disaster-recovery plans, modernization engagements, and compliance support. Trust a DCAC expert to make database management easier for your day-to-day.

Build true scalability in the cloud

You know the cloud can offer the flexibility your business needs, but you’re not sure how to migrate and manage your infrastructure. This goes way beyond data and can affect all of your systems. Our experts can help. We’ve worked with clients that have thousands of Azure applications to move and ones with multiple terabytes of data. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we can help you to inventory, plan and launch your migration.

Our services & support include:

Our services & support include:

Integrate & store data for an invaluable trove of business insight

When you have multiple sources of data ingested from different applications, it’s critical that you have a mastered, normalized dataset. Whether your staff needs—or your customers are demanding—a large secure central repository of integrated data from one or multiple sources, our experts can help you build and process that data.

Transform data into actionable insights

Implementing Power BI democratizes your data and gives you insights into your business like never before. But all the work that comes along with a new technology program like Power BI can seem impossible to keep up with. Problems throughout your data platform could sink your Power BI program before it even launches. Let us be your experts on the ground to help leverage Power BI’s true capabilities and unleash your business’ full potential.

Our services & support include:

Our services & support include:

Protect your most valuable asset

Data is the most valuable asset you have, and the risk of cyber attacks is only growing. We know—we wrote the book on digital privacy, now in its third edition. We published another specifically on the topic of protecting your SQL Server databases from attackers.

It’s with this expertise that the globally renowned team of award-winning experts at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting can ensure that you’re protecting your business from threats. We’ll review your applications and systems in order to find the potential breaches before they are compromised by bad actors, and design backups and fail-safes should the worst happen.

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