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If your production databases are down and you need help right away,

Are your SQL Servers holding you back?

Does your DBA even have the time to deal with every performance issue in your SQL environment? Whatever the issue—or combination of issues— you’re facing, it’s hard to prioritize tasks when your team’s first priority is dealing with the daily fires. That’s where experience is critical. When your team is already overworked, you must find the expertise to get the results for the business. Don’t let your data teams start their days with fear that something will go wrong. Give them the back-up they need.

Physical, virtual, or cloud-based environments—we can help

Our SQL Server experts can rapidly transform your environment into a high-performing data estate. We work to relieve the stress that a dysfunctional data platform can cause a business and share our knowledge with those looking to learn about the complex challenges facing your organization.

How we help your SQL Server environment better enable your business

Data Integration

When was your system’s last check-up? We catch errors and issues before they threaten your entire data environment.

Performance Tuning

Has chasing down slow queries become a daily time sink? We can help find the root causes and tune performance—while minimizing costs.


Been putting off upgrades? We can help ensure a smooth transition to the increased performance of new versions, while maintaining compatibility with older versions.

SQL on Linux

Many existing features and capabilities of SQL Server operate the same way on Linux, but it has its own idiosyncrasies. We can help.

“There is no way that we would be sitting here 100% in Azure without those guys.”

Attom Data Solutions

Packing to move

A Real Estate Company’s Migration to Azure

Read how a client gained automation & efficiency with our Data Analytics solution

Stressed about migrating applications to Azure? You’re not alone. Azure is the “Best in Breed” of cloud providers, while DCAC’s expertise ensures applications that weren’t designed for the cloud can be migrated successfully and painlessly.

DCAC SQL Server Offerings

DCAC offers data services delivered through a monthly managed service or project-based professional consulting.


DCAC offers remote, on-demand database maintenance and performance tuning. We deliver predictability, availability and security to your systems, so your people can be truly productive at work.

DBA-as-a-Service with DCAC includes:

SQL Consulting Services

Consulting Services from DCAC are designed to help organizations get more out of their data. We troubleshoot complex problems and design data systems to emphasize performance and proactively plan for growth.

An average Consulting Services engagement is 40 hours. It includes:

Need 24/7 support?

Get DCAC emergency response

Why is it that servers always seem to go down in the middle of the night? With our DBA-as-a-Service you have a next business day response guarantee, but many clients need more. Our Emergency Response Service gives you piece of mind. If something goes wrong, a senior DBA will be working on your servers within one hour.

Give your SQL Servers the attention they deserve

Our expert consultants ensure you’re making the most of the technology at your fingertips.