What Should Microsoft do with Deprecated Features?

I drive a bandaid boxI’ve seen some people talking online recently about how Microsoft needs to rip off the bandaid and get rid of deprecated features to SQL Profiler and Database Mirroring.

Not going to happen.

Microsoft’s currently policy is to not deprecate any additional features and to not remove any additional features. This doesn’t mean that they’ll enhance those features, but they won’t be removing them. So get over the fact that they are still there. If you don’t want to use them, don’t. But they aren’t costing you anything by existing.


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  1. This was a topic that we discussed at length at the last Tech Outbound #SQLCruise. Removing features from the product at this cadence of development is an impediment to feature additions and enhancements and could actually cause problems indirectly was the take away I had from the discussion.

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