Looking for a free time sheet application for your consulting company (or any company)?

Back when I started Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting I needed a way to track my time. I used Excel and it worked good enough.  But

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Watch your time

then I decided to start expanding the company so I needed to find a better solution for tracking time as that’s how consulting companies get paid.

I found lots of options that all cost a small fortune, and all they did was track time. They didn’t do invoicing, and if they did do invoicing they cost even more.  Some were up to $40 per user per month.  Needless to say as a small company there was no way I was going to start paying hundreds of dollars a month for just a few people to be able to log time sheets. Especially as we have outside people working for us on occasion that we sub contract work out to for clients. So even if those people weren’t working that month we’d have to pay for them to have access to the system, just in case.  That wasn’t going to fly.

So I ended up building our own time sheet system in WordPress as a plugin (we use WordPress as our website so it made it an easy place to work).  It’s taken a lot of additional work adding in features that others (and us) would want, but we’ve gotten the plugin ready for public release and use by other companies.  It’s now available in the WordPress plugin list as “Time Sheets“.  There’s also some information available about it on our website.  If you’re running a small (or even larger than small) company that needs a free application to track time, then I’d recommend checking out our time sheet system.

The system has all the workflows that you’d expect from a large timesheet system (approvals by supervisors, an invoicing queue, and a payroll queue).  You can turn off features as needed such as the notes for each days work, or the expenses section if those aren’t going to be needed by various teams (or anyone).

We’ve found it to be pretty handy and easy to use for our small team, and hopefully you find it useful as well.


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