Stopping Azure Services Automatically

8007015927_feef1d28d2_kLike most speakers who give presentations using Microsoft Azure, I’ve managed to leave services running for days (or weeks) without realizing it. To help solve this I put together a run book that runs in our Azure account and which runs every night. It turns off VMs, scales SQL DBs down to the basic size, alerts you if there’s any SQL DWs or HDInsight clusters running (after they have been running for 3 days it’ll just delete them for you).

Since we found it so useful we went ahead and published it on GitHub so that we can share it with the community. You can review the code on GitHub here and deploy it to Azure using the big “Deploy to Azure” button available on the GitHub page.

Check the GitHub as we’ll be adding more resource types to be checked and shutdown as time goes on.


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