And with that, SQL 2005 is out of support

As of today (April 12, 2016) Microsoft no longer supports SQL Server 2005. If something goes wrong with your SQL 2005 database server at this point, there’s not going to be anyone at Microsoft who can help you.

However we will be happy to help you. Do we love working on 10+ year old versions, no not really. But we are realists. You have SQL 2005 systems which haven’t been upgraded because you haven’t had the time to upgrade them, or because your vendor application doesn’t support anything newer than SQL 2005.

These systems still need performance tuning.

These systems still need upgrading.

And unlike a lot of other consulting companies out there we will be happy to help you performance tune these systems, and we are also happy to help you upgrade your systems from SQL 2005 to newer versions. Just because Microsoft doesn’t support the older versions anymore doesn’t mean that your older systems have magically been upgraded or are no longer needed by your enterprise.

If you need someone to do some performance tuning on your SQL 2005 server, or you need some help upgrading your SQL 2005 systems to a newer and Microsoft supported version of SQL Server, drop us a note.


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