Couchbase at Cloud Field Day 17

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Cloud Field Day 17 in Boston. If you aren’t familiar with the Tech Field Day events, a bunch of independent technology experts get to meet with a wide array of technology companies. This allows the companies to tell us about their offerings, and we give them feedback and ask them questions. I’ve been to a number of Field Day events, and always enjoy them and leave with great knowledge and excellent contacts.

One of the companies we met with in Boston was Couchbase. (Full disclosure, I have done some promotional work for Couchbase in the past.) Couchbase is a NoSQL database that is primarily used as a JSON document database, but it also supports key value, wide column, and graph database models available in their service, allowing developers to have flexibility in how they want to build their data stores. Couchbase has a cloud database as a service offering that is available on all of the major clouds, called Couchbase Capella.

We met with Couchbase on “National Cloud Database Day” (June 1st), and they talked about their Capella. Capella is particularly interesting, because beyond just running in the cloud as a database service, you can also run it on mobile and edge devices with its Couchbase Lite offering, which allow for a more modern replacement for the classic SQLlite offering. The other aspect of the Couchbase story is more affordable costs, especially when compared to some of the native cloud offerings on Azure and AWS. Like many other cloud and NoSQL databases, high availability is built into the architecture of the solution, as is the ability to horizontally scale without downtime.

Couchbase’s larger goal is developer flexbility–having all those data models available, at a very nice price point, and in any cloud or device, makes Capella a nice option for applications. The benefit of being able to run the same data store on mobile and IoT devices, is also a very nice feature. You can learn more about Capella here.


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