Passing AZ-104–Azure Administrator

This Monday, I took and passed the Azure Administrator exam (Az-104) exam. It was a little bit unusual for me to take this exam, as I’m already an Azure Solutions Architect, but as part of the new Microsoft partner requirements, I had to take this exam, even though it’s a subset of what’s on the architect exams. Full disclosure: I didn’t study at all for this exam–I’m not saying that to brag, but if you are very experienced with Azure, particularly IaaS and Azure Active Directory, you can probably pass this exam cold.

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Obviously due to NDA, I can’t disclose any questions on the exam, but I can review some of the high level topics you need to know. Some of the topics covered on this exam included:

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Networking (understand the various load balancer services)
  • Azure Active Directory user security
  • Azure Monitoring
  • Azure Policy

I didn’t feel like there was significant depth or advanced questions on any of these topics. Networking comes up a lot in any of these exams (and in my day to day to work with Azure, it’s exceedingly important). This is a good exam for you to take if you are just learning Azure, and want to validate your skills. If you are more advanced, I would focus on the architecture exams, unless you have to take this for Microsoft partner reasons.


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