Recently one of our customers had an issue deploying a second Web App to Azure, when that second web app was being deployed to a different region that the first web app within the resource group. The problem only came up within this one resource group. If a different resource group was used, there was no issue. If a different region was used within that same resource group was used, there was no problem. But when trying to deploy a web app within the existing resource group to the US East region, an error was thrown.

The full error message that was thrown was, “The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state ‘Failed’. Cannot find Web space {Name} for subscription {Sub Id}.” Where {Name} was the name of the resource group, and {Sub Id} is the Subscription Id.

Now to make this more interesting, a web space isn’t an Azure resource that you create, and this problem isn’t documented all that well online. I’m not all that sure what a web space is, other than some back end component that’s created automatically for web apps when the first web app is created within a resource group. And there doesn’t appear to be any way to force it to recreate.

The Solution

So how to fix it. The short answer is open a support ticket with Microsoft as that will be needed to resolve the issue. You’ll probably have to do some troubleshooting with the CSS person which will end up being fruitless, but won’t cause any downtime to the web resources.

I reached out to an Azure Product Group member, and they were able to look into it for me. It took a few days of researching to figure out where the problem was, and that a member of the Azure development team would need to manually mitigate the issue that we were having.

After the problem was identified, they had me create a CSS ticket and then have that ticket escalated to development (development couldn’t fix the issue without an open case to log their time and access to production against). Once that was done, it was resolved the next morning when I got up.

What Actually Happened

I’m guessing what was happened was that back when the web app that’s in the resource group was deployed, there was an error on the back end that caused some back end resource to not be created. Because this was in another region, this wasn’t an issue, but it was when we went to deploy within the region that had the error (which we didn’t see when we did the origional deployment).

Fixing This For Free

If you are deploying Cloud Services and having problems, we would love to be able to assist you. We were able to assist our customer with this problem for no charge to them, as this problem was clearly an issue with the Azure platform itself and as this customer was set up as a CSP customer and we were providing their Azure support. As we have a team of Microsoft MVPs we were able to work directly with the product team, find the problem, and resolve it for them at no additional cost to the customer. If you’d like to learn more about signing up as a CSP customer of ours, contact our team for more information.



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