New Cartoon Friends that Will Be Traveling With the DCAC Team

As the DCAC team has continued to evolve we’ve decided that we need some friends to help us talk about the fact that indexes will make your databases faster.

So I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to Sheamus our crazy wizard, Casandra our playful unicorn (she also goes by Cassie), Molly our intense unicorn, and Peggy our adorable Pegasus. All of our new friends are having stickers made of them which the entire DCAC team will have with them when in-person events start back up; and you may see them pop up in slide decks before then.

Our New Friends

Sheamus is going to perform some white wizard (Lord of the Rings) style tuning on your databases to get them performing perfectly.

Casandra (or Cassie to her friends) is having tons of fun making workloads go faster and showing off her skills.

Molly has had one too many developers explain that indexes are horrible for write performance, but she’s here to fix the performance of your database anyway because Indexes Are Magic.

Peggy is going to fly in, fix your databases, and fly away; all while looking adorable and awesome in the process.

Be sure to find someone from DCAC at your next in-person event and grab some stickers from us of all our new friends.

But Wait There’s More

If you can’t wait for an in-person event, we’ve got you covered. We’re holding a raffle that’s open to everyone where raffles are valid (if you have a skills test to win like Canada we’ll handle that), where we will send 25 people a full set of stickers totally free, anywhere in the world, just for entering our raffle.

(Government employees, the prize has no cash value, but please check with your compliance office before accepting the prize.)



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