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I am very excited and fortunate to be chosen to speak at both SQLBits and DataGrillen this year. These two conferences are incredible community run events and if you can attend either of them, I would highly recommend it.  Here’s a little bit about each event and information on how you can register. If you can attend be sure to check out my sessions.


SQLBits the largest SQL Server conference in Europe, being held in London England March 31st– April 4th. It is a conference for leading data professionals with over 200 sessions from speakers all over the world.


Join Me -Thursday April 2nd 17:10 Room 10

Always Encrypted for Beginners

One of the biggest challenges to successful implementation of data encryption has been the back and forth between the application and the database.  You have to overcome the obstacle of the application decrypting the data it needs.  Microsoft tried to simplify this process when it introduced Always Encrypted (AE) into SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database.  In this demo intense session, you will learn about what Always Encrypted is, how it works, and the implications for your environment. By the end you will know how to now easily encrypt columns of data and just as importantly how to unencrypt. You will also learn about the current limitations of the feature and what your options are to work around them.




DataGrillen is a SOLD OUT 100% free training event with the biggest and brightest of the data platform world. Held in Lingen Germany each year it is the must attend event in the region.

Join Me – Thursday May 28th 16:30 Room Handschuh

Mastering Tempdb

Have you experienced performance problems caused by contention in TempDB? Have you ever wondered why your TempDB is suddenly 3 TB? In this session, you will learn about all the various components of SQL Server that use TempDB. Whether it be AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Read Committed Snapshot version stores, spills, or simply temporary tables, learn about how to identify what SQL Server or your applications are doing in TempDB. Once you understand all the ways SQL Server uses this critical resource, and how to proper configure it, you’ll be better prepared for your workloads whether it be an Azure VM, a physical server, or a container.

Be sure to check out my fellow Denny Cherry and Associates sessions at both events. Click the links for the full schedules.

SQLBits – John Morehouse, Joey D’Antoni

DataGrillen -Denny Cherry, Joey D’Antoni, John Morehouse and Meagan Longoria


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