Stop telling DocuSign to send the Documents when they are signed

I love DocuSign. As a person that sends out contracts to clients I have no idea how I’d ever function without DocuSign. I know that it’s used by a huge number of companies to sign contracts, transmit tax information between companies, etc.  There’s one flaw that we’ve found in it, you can tell DocuSign to email you the documents after they are signed. This means that whatever is in those documents gets sent. So if your tax info is in there, if gets sent to everyone over email.  This is a bit of a problem.

Now I’m guessing that DocuSign won’t remove this setting (they should, but I’m guessing that it was added because people wanted it) but companies should turn this setting off (which is the default).

If your DocuSign is sending out emails when you are done signing and you’d like to stop it, it’s a simple settings change. Go to DocuSign and log in.   Click on your picture in the upper right corner, and select “Go To Admin”.  Select “Signing Settings” from the menu on the right.  Under envelope delivery there’s an option which says “Attach documents to completion email”. Uncheck that option and click save.

By turning off this checkbox, you’ll still send out an email upon completion of the document, but the document won’t be attached. You’ll have to click the link to download the document that you signed from the DocuSign portal.


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