Editorial – Dealing with Ugly Babies

One thing I learned while working as a database administrator over 17 years is the importance of teamwork across departments. Many times, we have to rely on network and SAN administrator to make changes to their environments in order to make SQL Server run more efficiently. There are times where the storage and network create bottlenecks for SQL server and after doing all the possible tuning you can do with your code and configuration you must turn to them for modifications to their hardware. Knowing how to effectively work with other departments without placing blame is crucial.

As most do, we take our work personally. After all it’s your hard work, decisions and efforts that make the environment run as it does. Telling network admins and SAN admins their environment is running poorly or misconfigured can cause a very adverse reaction. At times it can even cause them to refuse to work with you or make an effort to help fix the issue. I often refer to this as, telling them their babies are ugly. You need to learn how to nicely do this without pointing out the flaws in their genetics.

Checkout how I deal with Ugly Babies in my latest editorial on Database Weekly or use this link to read it on SQL Server Central.


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