DevOps.  It’s one of the latest buzz words in many technical communities.  Database Doing DevOps  This phrase, however, is NOT heard in many technical communities.

However, it really should be.  Databases doing devops is probably one of the hardest things to tackle in the DevOps world.  With hard work though, it can be achieved.

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Carlos Chacon (B|T) and SQL Data Partners for a podcast episode on this very topic.  While I am a diehard DBA (probably always will be) database life cycle management (DLM) and database continuous delivery (CD) is also a passion of mine.    Let’s face it, proper continuous delivery just makes everything easier in the long run.  There will be pain in the beginning.   Pain, however, brings upon change, and changing for the betterment of the organization and its customers is not a bad thing.

Take a listen to the podcast here:  I welcome any feedback that you might have.

Interested in doing database devops/continuous delivery? Feel free to ask me questions.


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