24 Hours of PASS Summit Preview—Getting Started with Linux

Next week is the 24 Hours of PASS—which is a free event PASS puts on to showcase some of the sessions you will get to see at November’s PASS Summit. I’m going to be giving a preview on my session on Linux—I’ll be talking about how to get started learning Linux, installing a SQL test environment on a Docker container or a VM, and a little bit about some of the ancillary configuration of SQL Server running on the Linux platform.

Porsche 919 Six Hours of Spa

The Porsche 919 that won the recent 24 Hours of LeMans

While SQL Server on Linux is something that may not immediately impact you—this is definitely something you want to be ready for. Just this week I talked to some executives from a major Linux vendor, who have been amazed at the amount of interest this has had amongst their customers. A lot of folks in IT strongly dislike working with “the other major database vendor” (name withheld so I don’t get sued, bingle sailboats and databases), and a lot of those organizations like to run their database servers on Linux.

So grab a beer or a whisky (if you’re in the US) as I’ll be presenting at 9 PM (2100) EDT (GMT –5)/0100 GMT. You can sign up here. If you can’t make it (because you live in the EU, and would rather sleep than listen to me ramble about shell commands) there will be a recording, but you will still need to register.


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