I’m Speaking! Capital Area SSUG

I like it when I get referred to speak at various functions. Whether it’s a user group, conference or just something informal, I really enjoy speaking (yes, I’m crazy) and giving back to the community.

This time I’ll be speaking for the Capital Area SQL Server User group out of Albany, New York.  This will be a remote session and I’ll be speaking on Continuous Delivery & Your Salvation.

Continuous Delivery & Your Salvation

Continuous Integration & Delivery isn’t a new concept. Application Developers have been doing it for quite a while and now it’s time for Database Professionals to catch up. Whether you are a database administrator, database developer, or even an application developer, database continuous delivery can help you find your salvation. I’ll show you how to apply these concepts to areas of security, collaboration, testing, support and deployments. We will look at what continuous delivery means, demonstrate some tools that can help you easily get it into place, and dive into why it’s important.

If you are in the Albany, New York area tonight from 5:30PM to 7:30PM(ish) please stop by!!  You can register for the event here.   If you do decide to go, please make sure to RSVP so that the organizers have an accurate head count for food.

Speaking of food, the only sad thing about this, is the group is having BBQ this evening. Why is that sad? Because I love good BBQ, I’m missing the food!!

See you virtually there!


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