No, she really doesn’t want a picture of your dick!

(This post and the link may be NSFW, be warned.)

I can’t believe that I have to write this.  First, before I continue look at the title of this blog post.  If you think I’m wrong, you really should keep reading.  If you agree with the title of this blog post then you probably don’t need to read it, but feel free to send it to someone who doesn’t.

If you’ve ever sent a picture of your dick to a person on the Internet, don’t.  She or he doesn’t want to see it.  I can pretty much guarantee that she doesn’t want to see it.  And from what my female friends are telling me it’s getting worse not better.  I can call these woman my friends because I go out for lunch and dinner with them, and have coffee with them, and have drinks with them, and yet I’ve never felt the need to send them a picture of my dick.

And while they’ve never thanked me for not sending them a picture of my dick, they don’t have to because NOT sending pictures of your dick to people is normal.  It’s you freaks that are sending out pictures of your dick to random women that are the odd ones.

I get that you think you’re being funny, or sexy and that you think that the women that you send the picture to will like it, and will want to have sex with you.  But she won’t.

Here’s a story of what one women did when someone sent her a dick pic.  And I think every woman out there should do the exact same thing.

If you’ve made it this far and you still think that sending pictures of your dick to women is acceptable, all I can tell is that you are wrong.  And I really hope that you enjoy women sending you back all the dick pics that she’s gotten.  And know that she’ll be adding yours to the collection of dick pics being sent out to guys that send them to her.

And if you think that her sending you dick pics isn’t fare because you don’t want to see them, now you know how she feels.



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