PASS Summit 2015, Speaker Idol Is Back!

PASSLogoBW I’m pleased to announce that Speaker Idol is back for the PASS Summit in 2015. We’re using the same format as last year. There will be three opening rounds, followed by the final round. Each of the three opening rounds will have 4 people competing. In each of these three rounds a winner and a runner-up will be selected. In the final round the three winners will present again along with a wildcard who will be selected by the judges from the three runners up. The sessions should be 5 minutes long, and can be on any topic (preferably something SQL related).

The goal of this years Speaker Idol competition is the same as last years, to give speakers who are known in their region a chance to be seen at the international level so that they can improve their chances of being selected to speak in future years, to get some real time feedback from other speakers about their presentation style, and so that they can improve as speakers.

  1. You have spoken at a SQL Saturday or SQL Rally event (or other large non-pass event, such as SQL Bits, a TechEd Conference, etc.).
  2. You have not spoken at the PASS Summit or PASS Business Analytics Conference for a breakout, spotlight or pre-con session. (If you gave a lightning talk and no other session you are eligible.)
  3. You will be in Seattle during the PASS Summit (attending PASS isn’t needed, and if you aren’t attending PASS we will get you to the session room for Speaker Idol).
  4. You are available to attend which ever speaker idol session you are assigned to.
  5. You have a 5 minute technical presentation which you can give.
  6. You sign up on the registration form before September 31st, 2015 at 11:59:59pm (23:59:59) Pacific time according to Denny Cherry’s Verizon Cell Phone.

In order to enter the 2015 Speaker Idol you’ll need to fill out this handy form. The big difference from last year’s Speaker Idol is that in addition to being able to submit yourself, session attendees can submit speakers that they have seen at prior events that they really liked. Just fill out the same form, just put the speaker’s name (and email address if you have it) and we’ll contact them and let them know that they’ve been nominated to present at this years speaker idol.

Thanks to PASS for allowing me to run with this again.



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