India Here I Come

I’m thrilled to report that I’ll be presenting at the first SQL Server conference in India later this year. The conference organizer Amit Bansal made the official announcement last week. A new conference is a huge undertaking for the organizers, and bringing in speakers from outside the US is a huge commitment as international airfare isn’t cheap.

The conference is this August 27th-29th in Bangalore, India and includes a day of precons, which I’ll be delivering one of. The event team is currently putting together a survey for the local community to see what precon session they’d like to see the most, so once the results of that survey are in I’ll know what session I’m presenting.

I look forward to seeing India for the first time and I look forward to meeting new people at the conference.

Once I’ve presented my first session I’ll have officially presented on four continents (North and South America, Europe and now Asia). Only three more to go (granted one of them is a lot harder than the other two.



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