Surface Pro 3 i7 Users Be Aware Of The Power Usage

So recently I got myself a Surface Pro 3 with the i7 processor in it as my laptop. It works great, except for one little power issue that I’ve noticed. The i7 Surface Pro 3 uses a LOT of power when it’s plugged in. In fact it uses almost all the power that the power cable can provide. I know this because if you plug your phone into the USB port on the power brick your phone won’t charge.

When I had my phone (a Samsung S5) plugged in the phone kept showing that it was charging then not charging, then charging then not charging, over and over until I unplugged it.

Now I know this is a problem with the i7 Surface because my wife has the i5 and the same phone and can charge her phone with the Surface plugged in without issue.

Now truth be told I haven’t played with the power settings in Windows to see if that makes it go away, I simply plugged the phone into the USB port on the monitor and was done with it.  So there might be a way to slow down it’s charging so that you can charge a phone via the chargers USB port.  At some point I’ll probably figure out if that’s an option.



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