2014 By The Numbers

2014 was another great year for my blog. This year I passed by 1000th blog post which is a pretty impressive milestone if I do say so.

My top 10 blog posts for 2014 are:
How to configure DTC on Windows 2008 – 5915 Views
What exactly is MSDTC, any when do I need it? – 5385 Views
SQL Server 2014 Licensing – 4687 Views
Any Little Thing Can Kill a SQL Server Upgrade – 1821 Views
Recommended reading from mrdenny for May 23, 2014 – 1804 Views
Fixing TempDB database problems when starting SQL using a minimum config – 1594 Views
PASS Summit 2014 Speaker Idol Competition – 1548 Views
How I Setup TempDB – 1548 Views
How Much Is That Query Costing? – 1511 Views
SQL 2012 Cluster, Windows 2012 R2 OS, Windows 2008 R2 Domains – 1461 Views

So for my top 10 posts for the year that’s about 27274 page views this year.  All in all, not bad.  Hopefully next year the numbers will go up again.  Based on these numbers I know that in 2015 I should be writing about MS-DTC, Licensing, TempDB and the SQL PASS Speaker Idol.  I think I can handle this.

See you in 2015.



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