1000 Blog Posts Down, Who Knows How Many More To Go

Well, today is a bit of a milestone for me. As of today, I’ve published 1000 blog posts on IT Knowledge Exchange which is hosted by TechTarget. I’ve blogged about a lot of stuff over the years, including PASS, EMC World, SQL Server, Storage, Exchange, etc. Here’s some highlights from my posting over the years.

My first Post: Getting the right disk config for your SQL Server (from all the way back in October 2007)

My most popular article: How to configure DTC on Windows 2008 (which according to my Google data has been read in 7 different languages)

Number of page views (ball park): 800,000 (this is just a guess based on ad views and google stats)

Number of Blog Posts that I’ve gotten 1/2 way through and tossed because they sucked: Countless

Anyway, thanks for reading my rants and ramblings over the years.  If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.  Now go create an account on the site, and leave me some comments!



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