Excel 2013 and Analysis Services 2000

So I got a strange question from a client the other day.  Can I get Excel 2013 connected to Analysis Services 2000?

Yes you read that correct, SSAS 2000.

The answer is “it depends”.  If you are using Excel 2013 x32 (the 32bit version) then yes you can connect to SQL Server Analysis Services 2000.  If however you are using Excel 2013 x64 (the 64bit version) then no you can not connect to SQL Server Analysis Services.  At least part of this reason is because there is no 64bit drive for SQL Server Analysis Services 2000 which is a bit of a problem.  So if your uses have Excel 2013 x64 and need to connect they’ll need another machine (or a VM hosted somewhere) where they can run the 32bit version of Excel 2013 so that they can use it to export data from SSAS.  Then they can save the file, and open it in Excel x64 on their main machine and do whatever fancy stuff they need to do.



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