Changing your Password on Windows 2012 via RDP

I ran into a problem at a client recently that I’m shocked that I haven’t run across before. I couldn’t figure out how to change my domain password when connected to their servers via remote desktop. You see the problem is that 99% of the time when I’m working with a client, either at their site or from my home I’m using my own machines to work, and simply connecting to their servers via remote desktop. This means that when I press control+alt+delete to get the change password option that option is for my local machine not the remote machine. As there’s no start menu on Windows 2012 the good old “Windows Security” option isn’t there when connected remotely. All the official help docs tell you to simply press control+atl+delete to get the change password option. Well that doesn’t work very well via RDP.

Thankfully you can simply press control+alt+end instead and that will bring up the same menu as control+alt+delete but on the remote machine so that you can actually change your password and stop using the crappy default password that the help desk setup for you.

If you run across this, hopefully you’ll remember this little trick.



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