Blog Year 2013 In Review (Sort Of)

Welcome to 2014. For the last couple of years I’ve done a top posts of the last year post. This year will be no different.

What is different between this year and prior years is that this year I’ve got really bad data compared to prior years. I’ve got great data starting 10/3/2013 to current, but the data before that is … we’ll say lacking in detail.

Without waiting any longer the top posts in 2013 are…

10. What Exactly Is MSDTC And When Do I Need It
9. Will SQL Performance Be Better In A VM?
8. What Should Happen To Blackberry
7. If you could give an aspiring DBA just one piece of advice what would it be?
6. TempDB Latch Timeouts With Lots of RAM
5. SQL PASS 2013 Webcast Recording
4. How to Configure DTC on Windows 2008
3. Replication and VLFs
2. Seeks Aren’t Always Better Than Scans
1. Moving the SCCM Database

Comparing my top posts to last year we see a log of changes in the top 10 (unlike between 2011 and 2012).

The only posts which stayed in the top 10 from last year are:
1. How To Configure DTC on Windows 2008
4. What Exactly Is MSDTC And When Do I Need It

Based on this it sounds like (at least some people out there) are liking my new posts, which is good.



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