Write about what you care about. If you do the page views will happen.

Ask any SEO “expert” and they’ll tell you to write stuff that’ll get you lots of page views, to use key words to lure people in.  The problem with this approach is that you end up not writing about the stuff that people want to read week over week, month over month.

Now getting people to show up on your site once isn’t all that hard.  Say something shocking, something like “The iPad sucks really bad”.  (Feel free to insert some other product in there.)  But this will only get the people to your site once, maybe twice.  In the long term you need to keep the reader coming back week over week, month over month.  To do this you need to write about things that you care about.  When you start doing that people that care about the same things that you care about will find your site and they will read your content.  And most importantly they will come back week after week, month after month, as long as you keep posting content that is relevant to your readers they will keep coming back.

Now that said yes I do realize that I’m breaking my own rule here.  Most of the time I’m writing on this site about SQL Server (or other kinds of technology stuff) and not how to maximize page views, but sometimes I like to step outside my comfort zone a little bit, and this would definitely qualify.



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