Now is the time to upgrade those SQL Server 2000 systems

The time for running SQL Server 2000 systems is quickly coming to an end.  Microsoft long ago announced that support for SQL Server 2000 was going to be running out in April 2013.  Well April 2013 is quickly coming upon us.

So what does this mean for line of business systems which are running on SQL Server 2000?  In the short term, probably nothing.  In the longer term it’ll mean that if there’s any sort of performance problem, data corruption problem, etc. Microsoft won’t be providing you any support for the product at all.  Your only choice will be to use an outside consultant who’s comfortable with SQL Server 2000.  And given the age of the product, and the average age of most DBAs at outsourced DBA companies they probably won’t be of much assistance.

If however you are running any system which handles credit card data and that system uses SQL 2000 in any way, you are going to have a problem.  You’ll be out of compliance with your PCI audit as PCI requires that you have support from the software vendors, and as of next month you won’t be.

If you are looking at your systems and seeing SQL Server 2000 in your shop, it’s time to get those systems upgraded.  It you’d like some assistance with getting those systems upgraded, just drop a note to our sales team and we’ll get you started.



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