Welcome my friends to the first official work day of the year 2013.  You enjoying that hangover yet?

It is time again to take a little peak at the last year (as far as my blog goes) and see just what was the most popular posts, and what just sucked so that hopefully for this year I can do better.  (Sadly do to come reporting issues I don’t have all the data for 2012.  I’m missing a chunk in the middle for a few months, so the numbers are actually higher than they are, but I’ll just have to work with the data that I have.)

The posts that were read the most in 2012 were…

10. Single Instance vs. Multiple Instances – 4.4k views
9. Back to Basics: The BACKUP DATABASE command – 5.4k views
8. New INSERT syntax in SQL Server 2008 – 5.9k views
7. SQL Server 2012 Licensing Changes – 7.6k views
6. Difference between an Index and a Primary Key – 8.7k views
5. What exactly is MSDTC, any when do I need it? – 11.5k views

4. Upgrading Windows 8 RP to RTM – 11.6k views
3. Back To Basics: The UPDATE Statement – 14.7k views
2. How to configure DTC on Windows 2008 – 18.5k views
1. Back To Basics: Clustered vs NonClustered Indexes; what’s the difference? – 24.1k views

This gives some interesting insight into what people are reading off on my blog.  If you compare to last years top 10 blog posts you see that it is a lot of the same blog posts.  In fact of the top 10, only 2 are different from 2011 to 2012.

#1 – How To Configure DTC on Windows 2008
#2 – Back To Basics: The Update Statement
#3 – Back To Basics: Clustered vs. NonClustered Indexes
#4 – What Exactly Is MSDTC And When Do I Need It
#5 – New Insert Syntax in SQL Server 2008
#6 – Difference Between an Index And a Primary Key
#7 – SQL Server 2012 Licensing Changes
#8 – If You Aren’t Doing Backups You Aren’t Doing Your Job
#9 – Single Instance vs. Multiple Instance
#10 – You Can’t Deploy A SQL 2008 SSRS Report to a SQL 2005 SSRS Server

In both my 2012 top posts and my 2011 top posts only 2 are different.  And only one of the two new posts from the 2012 list were written in 2012.  The one written in 2012 is about upgrading the Windows 8 RP to RTM and was cross posted all over the place.  The second new entry to the top 10 list is in the #10 spot and was actually written back in 2008, but the topic is an oldie but a goodie … database backups.

So back to the insight that this gives me.  I find it interesting that so many people viewed my posts on configuring MS DTC (there are two on the list).  There is also a lot of intro level material on that top 10 list from 2012 as well which means that in addition to writing about complex topics the more intro level stuff is definitely stuff that lots of people are interested in.

Hopefully you’ll keep reading my blog though 2013 (as beyond).

Have a great new year,



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