New Podcast called People Talking Tech

So in all my free time (that 7 minutes a week that I wasn’t already using for something) I’ve decided that I needed to try something new.  I’ve put together a new podcast called People Talking Tech ( where myself and whoever I can sucker into joining me is kind enough to join me will talk about something technical for your education, enjoyment, disgust, or whatever.

The pod cast episodes will be coming out Tuesday mornings (Pacific Time).  Once I get the first ones out I’ll be working on getting it submitted to iTunes so that you can pick it up there on your favorite fruity device.

The topics will vary depending on who my victim guest is that week.  We could be talking about Windows, SQL Server, Xbox, Surface, .NET, etc. or pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

These are totally un-scripted and for the most part un-edited.  Some come check them out.  I promise mild entertainment at the least. 🙂

While the site went live today the first episode will go live on September 11th.  My first guest is Karen Lopez.  You can find out a bit more about the show over on the People Talking Tech website (



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