SSWUG Virtual Conference Registration Is Now Open

It’s that time of year again, it is time for the SSWUG virtual conference.  There is a great set of speakers for this virtual conference including myself, Kalen Delaney, Eric Johnson, Kevin Kline, Brian Knight, Lynn Langit, Bill Pearson and Jason Strate and more.  Every one of these speakers is a top notch speaker but most are also very good friends of mine and I can say for sure that this virtual conference will be time and money well spent.

One of the great things about these virtual conferences is that you don’t need to travel to attend.  Sessions can be watched from home or work, all you need is a computer and a set of speakers (or headphones).  Looking over the schedule, there are going to be a lot of really good SQL Server 2012 sessions on the schedule.

Now when you go and register for the virtual conference (it only costs $159 for three days of great training material) be sure to use VIP Code VCDENNY (you have to click the “Update Registration” button for the code to take).  So stop stalling and get registered.  There’s another bonus when you register for the virtual conference, because there is so much great material which will be available, you may not be able to see all the sessions you want to the day of the virtual conference.  Because of that you can view the recordings of the sessions for 30 days after the conference ends for free.

I’ll see you at the conference (in the chat rooms at least),



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