Want to know the quickest way to get your recruiting email deleted?

We all get emails from recruiters.  I know that I’m shocked on a day that I don’t get them.  Personally I love reading these emails as they are usually pretty damn funny.  But I’m seeing a very disturbing trend in these emails.  This trend is making job candidates pay to attend out of town job interviews.

If I was looking for a new position, and I saw the magical line “candidate must pay for all interview travel expenses” showed up in a job posting I’d just keep on moving.  If you don’t want to interview out of town candidates then don’t.  It’s really not all that hard to figure out.  Now the thing that really pissed me off about this specific job posting was that the company was willing to hire a remote employee, but they expected the remote employee to pay for all travel costs for the interview.  So does this mean that if hired I would be expected to pay my own way to company meetings?

If you are willing to hire a remote employee part of that includes paying for the candidates expenses to get out to see you for the job interview.  There’s nothing that says that you need to bring every candidate out to see you for the in person interview.  There’s something called a phone screen which is how you filter out the people you don’t want to bother to interview in person.

One of the costs of doing business with a modern distributed workforce is paying for a few extra plane tickets when hiring for a new position.  So suck it up, stop being so cheap and pay for the flights and a night in the hotel.  When you are hiring someone you need to put your best food forward so that you look as good as possible so that you can attract the best possible talent.



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