Well this weekend was a very stressful weekend for about 764 of the Microsoft MVPs world wide, including myself.  You see this weekend was October 1st which is a Microsoft MVP award day.  This means that these 764 Microsoft MVPs woke up this morning and frantically checked there email looking for a notice from Microsoft saying that they had been awarded the Microsoft MVP award again.  There were 143 MVPs who received the award for the first time.

Apparently someone at Microsoft enjoys my writing and speaking as well as getting yelled at by me.  Because when I got up on the 1st I found a nice email in my mailbox from Microsoft telling me that I had been awarded the Microsoft MVP award again.

Congrats to all the other October MVP award winners both new and re-awarded MVPs.

May thanks to my wife Kris for letting me spend all on my free time working on various stuff for the community.  And thanks to everyone in the community to buying books, coming to my webcasts and to come see me speak at the various events.  The SQL Server MVP award wouldn’t exist without the great community that we have here in the SQL Server community.



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  1. Congratulations Denny !

    May I please ask you where I could find the numbers of MVPs you posted?
    Thank you.

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