I recently installed HyperBac on a clients SQL Server to reduce the amount of space needed to store their backups.  Specifically we were looking to reduce the amount of space the log backups took, but I was curious to see how much space the full backups would be reduced by.

The full backups were ~53 Gigs in size, and the transaction logs averaged about 800 Megs every 12 minutes.  After installing HyperBac, we reduced the full backups down to ~14 Gigs, and the log backups down to about 150 Megs every 12 minutes.  Additionally the full backup went from 57 minutes down to 14 minutes greatly reducing the amount of time that the production disks have extra IO load on them.

Installation and configuration was very simple.  I just installed the software on the server, thankfully with no reboot required and changed the backups to use hbc as the file extension instead of .bac and .trn.

Overall the space savings for 1 days worth of backups went from 107 Gigs to 35 Gigs.  This allowed us to save a very large amount space on the backup drive, removing the need to purchase more storage for the back drive for a long time to come.  All in all, well worth it for the few hundred dollar price tag of the software.



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