SQL Excursions and Index Internals #sqlexcursions

The fourth session that I’ll be giving at SQL Excursions will be on index internals.

In this session we’ll dig into the internal structures of indexes.  We will explore the differences between clustered and non-clustered indexes, what’s laid out within each page of the indexes and how the SQL Server uses the data within the indexes to find rows quickly.

Knowing how indexes actually work is key to understanding why indexes improve query performance.  Knowing that indexes will help performance is good (and hopefully you know this), but knowing how the index actually works is even more important so that you can make proper indexes so that you aren’t making extra indexes that aren’t needed as having to many indexes will actually slow down SQL Server not make it faster.

If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time.

See you in Napa September 22nd-24th,



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