I know that Microsoft’s Tech Ed 2011 ended a couple of weeks ago, and that my recap is way late, but better late than never.  It’s been a crazy few weeks with EMC World 2011, Tech Ed 2011 the next week, then a two day train trip to Seattle which was supposed to have WiFi but didn’t, then SQL Cruise, and as I’m writing this I’m in New York for a week working.

Anyway, back to Tech Ed 2011; which was a blast.  This was my first year (hopefully of many) speaking at Microsoft’s Tech Ed conference.  If you haven’t heard of Tech Ed  before, it is Microsoft’s premier IT Pro conference.  While there are some developer tools covered the conference is mostly about the sysadmin side of the house which is ok seeing as how the dev side of the house has MIX and PDC to name just a couple.  Needless to say I was honored that Microsoft asked me to present a session on SQL Server “Denali”, specifically on the new Manageability features of “Denali”.  The only problem was that there weren’t a whole lot of earth shattering manageability changes being rolled out in “Denali” (or if there are we don’t know about them yet), I think I made the session work ok though going over what is coming out, as well as some other new features that while not related to manageability are very cool.

This was my first time being a booth babe (I looked damn hot in that SQL Server mini-skirt, you should have been there to see it), which was a requirement of getting a session.  I’ve got to say, it was pretty cool talking to all the attendees and working through their problems.  I know that we got a few peoples problems solved right there on the middle of the show floor.  There were some interesting questions, some questions that I was surprised that were asked, and there were some damn hard questions.  Fortunately there were a ton of really smart people always working the booth that were able to field the questions.  In true SQL Server community fashion no one had a problem telling the person asking the question, I’ve got no idea lets get the guy that does.  He happens to be right over here just a few feet away.

Outside of the exhibit hall and convention center I had some great conversations about SQL Server, community, work, etc. with some really great people.  I had lots of fun hanging out and talking with Ed Hickey from the SQL Server product team, and I had a blast talking to Adrian Bethune also from the SQL Server product team (he’s the new Data Tier Applications PM so we’ll be having some fun with him later).  It’s always a blast to see everyone at these large events.  Atlanta was a really great place for SQL Server to have Tech Ed because there are just so many people in the Atlanta area that are involved in the SQL Server community and happen to be friends of mine like Geoff Hiten (twitter), Audrey Hammonds (blog | twitter), Julie Smith (blog | twitter), and Aaron Nelson (blog | twitter).  I know that I’m missing some locals from this list, everyone was a blast to see as always.

As for my session, I thought it went pretty well.  Especially when someone came down and found me at the SQL Server booth later that day to tell me that my session was the best one that he had seen all week so far.  So to the random person, hopefully you read this, and Thank You because people doing that is why speakers are up there doing these presentations.  As long as just one person gets something useful from the session I consider my job done.  I’ve looked at my scores a little, and I landed right in the middle of the pack with a 4 something out of 5.  All in all not to shabby.  Hopefully Microsoft will see it the same way and invite me back next year to Tech Ed 2012 in Orlando, FL.

If you came to my session at Tech Ed thanks, if not I believe that they are all posted on the Tech Ed website for all to see.

See you at the next conference,



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