As a birthday present to me, Amazon has started shipping “Securing SQL Server”.

So I drug myself out of bed this morning to an email from Sean McGown (Blog | Blog | Twitter) saying that Amazon had just told him that they would be shipping my book.  So I hopped over to the Amazon page for the book, and low and behold it is no longer listed as pre-order.  In fact there was another notice up there, that they only have three copies left in stock.

This means that either Amazon either ordered just enough copies to cover the pre-orders,  or they ordered a heck of a lot of copies and the SQL Server community bought them like crazy.  Personally I’m hoping for the second reason and not the first.  But when I look at the sales graph that Amazon shows me, it might actually be the second.

If you look at the graph to the right (I’m a DBA, we love data) you can see how the book has been ranked on Amazon’s best seller list over the last month.  What I really like is that yesterday, on my birthday, the book breached the 100,000 mark for just the second time.  The first time was back on October 22, 2010 which the book was ranked #99,971 overall.  Well the rank yesterday was #49,111.  And unlike every prior spike, this wasn’t a one day spike.  There were actually two days of positive climbing in the rankings.  Does this tell me that the book has been selling like crazy?  No, well sort of no.  The book rankings are based on daily sales, and as you get closer to being #1, it takes more and more sales to move up the rankings.

There’s no specific sales data available for the book yet that I can see, that all comes from BookScan (a company that gathers sales info from all the major retailers) so it’ll take a week or two for data to show up, but at least I can see some general info about the book so I’ve got a general idea.

Now I get to move into another party of the book writing phase that I like to call “Please tell me you liked it”.  Now I have to sit around and wait for the revues to be posted about the book.  Personally I’m pretty proud of it, I should be proud of it I wrote the thing after all, but I hope that you the SQL Server community at large like it, and more importantly that you (or someone you know) find it useful.  If just one (or maybe two) people are able to better protect their SQL Server data because of the book I’m going to call it a success.

I think I’ve rambled enough for the day.  I’ve got to get back to my MCM study.



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