Be careful were you place that Windows 2003 page file

If you are building a Windows 2003 cluster (yes I know it’s out of support, but so is SQL Server 2000 and lots of people are still using that) you need to be very careful where you put the page file.  If you put the page file on local disk there won’t be any problem, but if you put the page file on the SAN for increased performance then any other disks on that same storage bus won’t be able to be clustered.

Nice feature hugh.

When you look for the disks to cluster them in the Cluster Administrator the ones on the shared bus won’t be available, and if you try and cluster them using the cluster.exe command line tool you’ll get “System error 87 has occurred (0x00000057) The parameter is incorrect.”.  So move the page file back to local disks, and then you can cluster your SAN storage.



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