LaRock must be drinking on the job, I’m being allowed to speak during 24 Hours of PASS

That’s right, Mr. LaRock himself (Blog | Twitter) is giving me the chance to present during the 24 Hours of PASS (aka 24 HoP) virtual conference this time around.  I’ll be doing my “Storage for the DBA” session to give you a taste of what you’ll be able to get during my pre-con at this years summit, and best of all the virtual conference is totally and completely free.

Don’t worry, this year you don’t have to stay up all night long (if you live in the Americas, if you don’t then you’ve got two long nights coming up) as 24 HoP will be held over two 12 hour sessions from 1200 GMT until 0000 GMT on both September 15th and 16th.  PASS has put up a page which gives some cities around the world and the local start time.

My session starts at 1600 GMT, 0900 Pacific, 1200 Eastern.  Be sure to sign up so that you can get the sessions you want to see in your calendar.



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