Getting EMC Navisphere working on x64

So a while back I got a new laptop and also upgraded by desktop from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 7 64bit.  Everything worked great, but there was one thing which took me some time to get working correctly.  That one thing was the EMC Navisphere software which I use to manage our EMC Storage Array.

I’m sure the first question is “Denny, how hard can it be to install some management software?”.  Well first tough guy, you don’t install Navisphere, it is a Java applet which is launched via accessing the web server which runs on the storage array.  You feeling less smug?  Good.  Now lets move on.

On both my machines use FireFox as my primary browser.  On both machines I accessed the array which triggered the download and installation of Java.  So far so good, right?  The Java applet never fully launched.  I was greeted by a blank window within the browser instead of the login screen that I was expecting.  After Navisphere didn’t do anything useful  I tried opening it in Internet Explorer both 32bit and 64bit.  Neither one worked and they simply gave me the same blank screen.

I tried uninstalling Java and manually downloading it and installing the same version as well as a newer version with the same absolutely useless results.

After trying this a few times, I finely uninstalled Java yet again (I’ve noticed about the only thing which Java does quickly is uninstall) I installed Java automatically via my Internet Explorer 64bit with the same results yet again.

This time I opened the Java control panel and tried to manually upgrade Java.  This threw an error.  So I tried opening a command prompt with administrative rights and navigated to the Java folder (C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.5.0_06bin) and ran jucheck.exe which causes Java to check for a new upgrade.  I then got the magical little icon in my system tray which said that Java had an upgrade available.  So I upgraded Java and magically Navisphere started working.

I don’t know why the auto upgrade wasn’t working correctly but now that it’s been upgraded everything it working and I’m able to manage the storage array, which is kind of important.



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