Got some good SWAG for our Next Code Camp

The nice folks at Tech Target were nice enough to send me some swag to give away during my SoCal Code Camp sessions in June.  They sent some stickers (and who doesn’t love free stickers), a few t-shirts and a bunch of cable holders.

Now apparently they know our SQL community pretty well, because they sent a chicken…

Pre-bacon (aka a pig)…

And if you really make me mad you might find a horse head in your bed…

Now they sent three coffee mugs, but you’ll notice there are only two in the picture above.  That’s because one didn’t survive the trip.  So if you come up with a really bad question you’ll be punished with the broken cup, or if you have a really good sense of humor of course.

Now the Chicken probably isn’t going to make it to Code Camp, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to magically fly its way to SQLChicken (aka Jorge Segarra, @SQLChicken).

See you at Code Camp.



2 Responses

  1. Denny, The Swag is meant as a force of good. I don’t want to hear reports of horse heads making unrefusable offers making the rounds, unless it’s really, [I]really [/I]deserved.

  2. SWAG is always used for good, ok well most of the time. But only used for evil when truly required. (Or if Buck Woody shows up.)

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