So I was installing SQL 2008 CU6 for SP1 the other day…

God that sounds boring doesn’t it.

Anyway, I was installing SQL 2008 CU 6 for SP 1 the other day and I was greeted with the dreaded “some process is running which will cause your SQL Server to reboot after install” screen.  The app which was running was fshost.exe which is part of the Full Text Search process.

So I naturally stopped the SQL Full Text Service, gave it a few minutes and the process was still running.  As this was a production server I didn’t want to just kill the process (the only thing which uses Full Text on the server is the MS CRM database, and we don’t even use MS CRM yet).

So I moved forward and opted for the reboot.  After the installer finished however there was no reboot prompt.  Apparently when the SQL Service went down for patching the fshost.exe also went down so there was no reboot needed.

So if you are installing a CU, and it tells you that you’ll need to reboot because of fshost.exe you probably won’t need to reboot.



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