Oh man, someone put my blog posts on TechNet… #tnSqlDC

Yep, that’s right, someone over at Microsoft has gone completely crazy and syndicated not just my blog but my Tweets as well over on the technet.microsoft.com site.

“But Denny, you swear like a sailor, there’s no way they want your foul mouth showing up on TechNet.”  And you are correct, the idea that godforsaken thing coming out of my mouth showing up on TechNet would be highly amusing for probably 5 minutes until someone from Microsoft management noticed it and had it pulled down faster that an Apple employee would run screaming from one of Buck Woody‘s presentations.

You can click through to the page with my info on it (and Arnie Rowland’s as well) or just go to TechNet, click on SQL Server on the left, then find the “Connect with SQL Server featured MVPs…” at the bottom of the nav menu on the right.

All that is up there for the moment is a couple of test tweets that we did to get the filtering correct (click the screen shot).

Let this be a warning to you, if you see me tweet something which the #tnSqlDC hash tag and you reply with the hash tag, it’ll probably show up there as well as a click-able link and it’ll go straight back to you.

Let the warning end here, and the mayhem begin.



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