It being the new year (ok, so I’m a couple of weeks late) it is time to come up with my professional goals for the new year.

I know that lots of people are putting down sitting the MCM classes as a goal.  I’d love to put that down, but I’m realistic, and that program is just cost prohibitive for me as my boss isn’t going to pay for it, and neither am I.

That being said, what I’ve come up with for this year…

  1. Become an EMC Proven Professional, specifically an EMC SA (Storage Administrator) at the Associate Level, maybe the Specialist Level as well (there are three levels first Associate, then Specialist, then Expert).
  2. Speak at, at least 2 major conferences (SQL PASS, EMC World, Tech Ed, Connections, etc)
  3. Get the SQL Server 2008 R2 certifications (once they are released)
  4. Finish removing the 3 remaining single points of failure in my companies production environment.

There are probably a couple of things which I’m forgetting, but that’s a pretty good list for this year.  At least three of those four at within my control.  #2 is all in the hands of the selection committees, but hopefully they will let me speak.



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  1. EMC has all that info published on their [A href=””]education site[/A].

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