Join me tomorrow as I talk about virtualization

Join me tomorrow September 30th, 2009 as I talk about virtualization with the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter.  I’ll be presenting my presentation entitled “Diving into Server Virtualization, Deciding if Virtualization is a good choice for your SQL Server“.  The presentation starts at 9am (Pacific) / 12pm (Eastern).  (This link goes to the live meeting site.)

In this presentation we’ll be looking into the pros and cons of moving SQL Servers into a virtual server environment.  Specifically we’ll be looking into when it’s a good idea and when it’s probably not a good idea.  Like all problems in the database world there are no hard set answers as to if virtualization is a good idea, but there are some times when virtualizing a SQL Server is a good idea, and can save you some money.  There are some other times when you will be shooting yourself in the foot and shouldn’t.  We’ll be focusing on when how to make this decision, and how to gather the metrics that you need in order to come to this decision.

Normally when I give this presentation it’s live, and this is the first time that I’ll be giving the presentation via a web cast, so some with your questions ready.

During the presentation I’ll be focusing on VMware’s vSphere and Hyper-V as the virtualization platforms.  As I’m more familiar with VMware’s platforms it will be a little VMware heavy, but I’ll cover as much Hyper-V as I know.



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  1. Yes it will. There’s older versions of the deck posted up here from Code Camps, but I’ve tweaked it a little (I think, I’ve been adjusting a few of my decks recently) so it’ll be posted here, and/or or the SQL Pass page. If it won’t be posted here, I’ll post a link to it here.

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