Whitepaper on why database maintenance is important

Today I’m publishing a white paper which I wrote for our Customer Service department to give to our customers. It explains why database maintenance is so important in keeping your database happy and healthy.

The white paper is entitled “Database Maintenance Best Practices”. The paper doesn’t go into detail as to what commands to run, but gives a good high level overview (with some technical details) as to what needs to be done, and more importantly why.

The white paper is available free of charge to anyone who want to download it.


PS. This is the same white paper which I published on www.securityfightclub.com.


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  1. Thanx, Denny, interesting paper.

    About automatic maintenance, timing can be done by allowing a certain percentage of the CPU to be used online, with the lowest precedence. It’d be slow, but it would get done.

    As for what. There are certain tasks that everyone will agree on. The paper mentions one. Start with those, so it rebuild when the scenario is that bad. If the feedback from the field is good, and people want a more proactive approach, get more comments from the DBAs in the field.

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