SoCal Code Camp – LA #2 has been announced

The SoCal Code Camp website has been reset and is ready for the next Code Camp.  This code camp will be the second camp camp that we are doing up in LA.  This time it is November 21st and 22nd and is being hosted at USC’s campus again.  (There’s a second site setup for the LA Code Camp specifically so be sure to check that site out as well.)

This time the LA Code Camp will be the weekend after PDC this time as the weekend before is a home football game.  Apparently the home games are pretty popular so they need all the available parking for the game, especially since we were right next to the stadium last time.

There will be all sorts of great presenters giving presentations at this event.  Hopefully a bunch of the PDC speakers will be coming and giving presentations.

I’ve got three presentations lined up so far (more may come, I’ve got time to decide).

  • Reading the SQL Server Execution Plan
  • SQL Server Indexing for the Client Developer
  • Storage for the DBA

In the Reading the SQL Server Execution Plan session I’ll be going over how to read the execution plan, as well as how to get the SQL Server to change it’s mind.

In the SQL Server Indexing for the Client Developer I’ll be showing proper techniques for SQL Server indexing.

In the Storage for the DBA session I’ll be going over some best practices for how to setup your storage, as well as how to talk to your storage admin so that you can get the best storage possible for the server, while still keeping the finances of buying storage in mind.  During the session (network access permitting) we’ll be looking at a production EMC storage array to see what the Storage Admin sees and how what he sees translates to what we DBAs see on the server.

Full session descriptions are available on to SoCal Code Camp site or via the links above.



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