First Beta of Standalone SQL Agent released

It took me a little less time than I expected to get an acceptable build put together.

I’ve made the first beta version of the Standalone SQL Agent available via the CodePlex site.  Feel free to download it and kick the tires.  This build dumps a lot of data to the log file, so it will grow fast.  This is expected at the moment.  You can clear the file by cycling the service which will cycle the log file much in the way that the normal SQL Agent and SQL Service do.

There is a UI to edit the config file which is included.  Currently there isn’t a job editor yet, that will come after the agent it self is at a stable build.  The UI will be a seperate installer so that it can be installed on workstations or servers as needed without installing the server agent on peoples workstations.

That said, please download it and give it a try.  It is beta, so install on a production system at your own risk.  If you find any bugs please post them on the CodePlex site and upload the relivent portion of the ERRORLOG file as well as any relivent information.




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