Standalone SQL Agent Progress Update 1/9/08

I’ve reached a milestone of sorts in the development process which I’d like to share.

Last week I had hit a roadblock with the fact that a procedure which sp_help_job calls, calles a system extended stored procedure which apparently makes an API call to the SQL Agent to see if it’s running, and to get some data from it.

I managed to bypass this by creating a new T/SQL procedure to replace the extended stored procedure, and then creating duplicates of the sp_help_job and the procedure that it calls.  This seamed to work, as the system can now pull the job list while the SQL Server Agent is stopped.

So, I’ve now got the service pulling down the jobs and running the T/SQL and OS Command job steps when they are suposed to be run without having to have the SQL Agent service up and running (which is sort of the point of the whole thing).

While writing this I was watching the log file scroll by, and I just noticed that a job that is suppose to run every 10 minutes didn’t try and start it self at 7pm local time like it should have.  It did try and start it self at 6:50pm and at 7:10pm, so there’s some sort of issue with the logic that I’m using to see if it’s time to run the job.  Not sure where that’s coming from though.  Could be a couple of places.  Hopefully it won’t take long to deal with.



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